Hi, I'm Peter!

I believe in Peoria, and I’m a proud resident of the 2nd District.

I know our neighborhoods can be more prosperous, equitable, and resilient—that’s why I’m running for City Council. I’m a public servant with a passion for making government more efficient. I’ve done this by incorporating data into decision making for the City of Peoria, recruiting teachers for Peoria Public Schools, and bringing Peoria Park District programming to disinvested communities across our city. In addition, I’ve participated in the West Bluff Council and served on the boards of the Moss Bradley Residential Association and the Peoria Innovation Alliance.

Professional Background

Present: Supervisor of Community Connections, Peoria Park District


Teacher Recruiter, Peoria Public Schools District 150

Innovation Team Project Manager, City of Peoria

Community Organizer, Criminal Justice Reform Advocacy

Rideshare Driver, Uber

Community Involvement

Commissioner, Downtown Advisory Commission

Former Representative, West Bluff Council

Former Board Member, Moss Bradley Residential Association

Member, Renaissance Park Community Association

Member, Peoria Mutual Aid Network

Member, NAACP Peoria Chapter

Member, Bike Peoria Co-Op

Member, League of Women Voters of Greater Peoria

Founding Board Member, Peoria Innovation Alliance

Founding Board Member, Soulside Healing Arts


Peter Kobak for Peoria’s 2nd District
Join the campaign for safety, equity, and growth in the heart of Peoria.

Peoria’s City Council Elections | April 6, 2021

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