Public Safety & Social Equity

Public Safety & Social Equity

Our city needs to address the root causes of crime and recognize how racial and economic injustice created disparities and divides. I think it’s time to invest in our historically disinvested residents and neighborhoods. Access to opportunities and resources will make Peorians safer.


Implement Public Safety Innovations – try proven tools that we’ve never done before
  1. Support Community Navigators – a model that allows trained city employees (in addition to or instead of police) to respond to victims of crime, homelessness, or other concerns where there is not an immediate threat of violence.
Public Safety Investments – focus our resources where the impact will be greatest
  1. Support Public Safety Opportunity Zones – Neighborhoods with either high crime rates or high rates of police contact that are untethered to crime might be considered ripe for an influx of resources. “Public Safety Opportunity Zones” could be created to deliver more social services to residents— including cash subsidies—and provide credit to local businesses, providing a stronger social safety net.
  2. Vision Zero – set goal of 0 traffic fatalities by 2025
Public Safety Reforms – change what’s not working
  1. Decriminalize activities that don’t threaten public safety – and review the amount set for fees for violating ordinances so that someone isn’t stuck in a cycle of debt or jail because they can’t afford to pay a fine
  2. Create an open and easily accessible data on police use of force – including the department’s use of force policy
  3. Strengthen the Advisory Committee on Police-Community Relations –  so that it can take meaningful action if a wrong has occurred
Peter Kobak for Peoria’s 2nd District
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Peoria’s City Council Elections | April 6, 2021

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